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In Field Recording
Sound Design

By Varun Nair

The Wind

On 17, Jan 2012 | One Comment | In Field Recording, Sound Design | By Varun Nair

Recently, on another windy day, I recorded the wind whistling and swishing through the ventilator shaft.

Here’s what it sounded like:

Wind Through Ventilation on SoundCloud

Feel free to download it!

To add some variation to it, I loaded it up in Kontakt (inspired by this, obviously) and modulated the pitch, volume and a low pass filter with a MIDI controller. I tried to retain the actual sound and character of the recording, whilst still affecting it subtley. If Pro Tools had a pitch automation lane, sound design will be a whole lot more fun! Small changes in pitch and volume can add so much:

Wind Through Ventilation – Performed on SoundCloud

Recorded with a Neumann KM130 pair (omni) and a Sound Devices 744 at 96KHz. Why? It’s what I had with me at that point in time.

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In Field Recording

By Varun Nair

Listen 003: Swans, Ducks, Gulls, Humans

On 21, Dec 2011 | 2 Comments | In Field Recording | By Varun Nair

Hollyrood Park is one of my favourite spots to spend time either walking or recording. It not only sounds very different on different days but is made up of a variety of sounds: wind, distant traffic (and sirens), birds, people jogging/walking with their dogs and swans, ducks, sea gulls and other birds.

This first one was at Dunsapie Loch, right behind Arthur’s Seat. It is an excerpt from a 20 minute recording featuring a good blend of mute swans, greylag geese, gulls, city noise and people. I sat at the edge of the pond with gulls flying above and around me and people jogging behind me. At 1:25 a swan gets out of the water and at 1:50 a dog goes after the ducks.

Recorded with a Neumann KM184 pair (ORTF) and Sound Devices 702.

Dunsapie Loch on SoundCloud

This second one was right below Salisbury Crags at about 9am on a Sunday – birds, little traffic, distant bagpipes (Scotland!) and people walking around the park.

Recorded with a Neumann KM120 and KM184 (MS) and Sound Devices 702.

Salisbury Crags on SoundCloud

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