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  • KeyD

    - is an application that allows the computer keyboard to be used as a MIDI interface that can be routed to any MIDI-enabled application or to Symbolic Sound’s Kyma using OSC.Current version: 1.1 (OSX & Windows)

  • SigGen 

    - is a signal generator that generates sine/triangle/square waves and white/pink noise. It also does sweeps anywhere in the audible frequency range over a custom time period with any of the three oscillators. BUT to make it fun you can also draw in a pattern and customize the sweep to create all sorts of sounds [Freq Follow]. You can further ‘effect’ the output of any of the three modules (oscillator, sweep or frequency follow) with an amplitude/ring modulator and amplitude follow tool for drawing out an amplitude envelope over a custom time range. You can also record the output to a wav/aiff file if you choose to run the app in standalone mode.
    Alternatively, you can rewire it with your favourite DAW and insert any sort of modulation plugin in to your rewire channel to create all sorts of cool noises (which is more fun and primarily why I created this app).Current version: 1.0 (OSX)