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Sound & Design

Rafea: Solar Mama

Pure Data: Compressor

Circle Synth

Indian Institue Of Science

This Happened..

Drambuie Hogmanay


Meltdown – Binaural Sound Game


Cassini – Sound Re-Design

Arjun – OST Mix

Glasgow: Symphony Of A Great City

Titi Robin – Laal Asmaan

Field Recordings – Set

Coke Shadow: TV Advert

Partly-Procedural Engine Model

Family: TV Campaign

Flipkart: Advert

SigGen: Sound Design App

From the blog

News, projects, thoughts..

To the blog!

Unity: Controlling game elements with sound

14th December 2013 By Varun Nair

I’ve been playing around with Unity 3D in my spare time. Verdict? Lots of fun! …

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Design Cross-pollination

1st July 2013 By Varun Nair

Sound Design. Two words. I often wonder if I spend too much time thinking of the …

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Some Mozart!

17th September 2012 By Varun Nair

A few months ago I had the privilege of recording and mixing an arrangement of Mozart’s ‘Sonata …

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